Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) as an organisation has created a platform to assist teachers of Literature and other related subjects to harness their full potentials through their website and other social media platforms. Teachers have unlimited access to resources, materials, teaching techniques, drills and skills to make the learning of literature productive. Thank you for this laudable project.

  • Atobatele Zainab Abdulrasheed, teacher of English language and Literature in English, King Ado Senior High School, Lagos Island – Nigeria

I don’t think I have come across a teaching guide so rich with practical steps to “eating” a novel.

When Miss Jennifer Emelife contacted me and told me a few things, I was getting convinced gradually but one thing that made me believe in her vision for the group and in her dream was the level of passion she displayed. I have seen people display that sort of passion too and at some point, amount to nothing because of inefficiency or lack of focus and dedication. Jenny’s case is very different. Seeing her work at her school in Facebook made me believe that she was cut out for positive ideas that would produce something worth the while for teachers or aspiring teachers. She birthed TFCN which is gaining ground and continues to do so notwithstanding the issues that could derail one while carrying out an arduous task as bringing brains together to form something very important for the benefit of Nigerians etc. So far, meeting many other persons in this group through the chats or even the discussions on various disturbing issues has made me believe more in what teachers could do if they come together.

Wow I just skimmed through…. You are one of the highlights of my teaching journey. 💥💥💥💥💥

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  1. How can teachers help the learners if they are ignorance of the depth of what to teach , how to teach and why such teaching is important/ relevant.

    A big thumbs up to the convener of Teach for Change Nigeria. .Thank you for aspiring to cha nge the narrative of English Education in the primary years.


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