Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) is an educational initiative borne out of the need to address the problems of teaching Literature in Nigerian secondary schools and the lack of relevant instructional materials for teaching. The goal is to digitize learning and to inspire a rise of innovative teachers who will spark up change in the hearts of students through reading and other literary activities.

TFCN Teacher Prize for Literature is an award given to three outstanding Nigerian teachers of Literature in Nigeria. The prize is aimed at supporting and promoting the learning of Literature in Nigerian classrooms as a tool for change and student empowerment.

Nominate yourself for TFCN Teacher Prize for Literature by telling us:

  1. Why do you deserve to win this award? 300 words max
  2. What innovative methods do you adopt in your classroom in teaching Literature? (Show steps, progress and results) 500 words max
  3. How do you teach books as a tool for societal change? 300 words max
  4. What TFCN teaching strategies have you tried and what’s your result? 300 words max.


  1. Must be a teacher of Literature in a Nigerian secondary school in Nigeria
  2. Must be a member of TFCN

Applications will be open soon and more details will follow. Check out our blog posts and follow us on Facebook  Instagram and Twitter for more updates! Do share. 🙂

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