I love making posts like this because I’ve learned teaching is nothing if you have no relationship with your students. 

So two days ago, a boy in my English class told me he likes this new girl, but he didn’t know what or how to say it to her and I said, ‘Just say it and be nice and friendly towards her.’

So,  today… in the benevolence of my heart, I decided to pair him up with the girl as partners for a task, because if teachers don’t help your life, who will? The girl was screaming, ‘No,  Ms Jennifer, I  don’t wanna work with him. Pleaase.’  Guess who else was protesting? The silly boy I was helping out! He kept saying, ‘Why, Ms Jennifer?  I’d rather work with Abdul.  I don’t want to work with her either. Bla Bla Bla.’ I ignored them both, saying, ‘In real life, you often don’t choose your colleagues. So start learning now. You’ll thank me in future.’

Class ended and our boy in love waited for everyone to leave, then he came and gave me this big hug saying, ‘Thank you, Ms Jennifer. I see what you did there. You’re the best teacher ever.’ And I’m there like, ‘So why were you pretending?!’

A funny story, but the take away here is that students open to teachers who warm up to them and like everyone else, they want to be around people that they can trust.

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