Literature in Nigerian secondary schools is hardly recognised as a subject of its own and so there are rarely teachers of Literature in public schools. In other schools where it is recognised, teachers lack proper facilities/structure to teach the subject.

The Nigerian educational system does not tap into the power of books and reading as a means of transforming the society and so we have tons of brilliant Nigerian graduates lacking problem solving skills because education here isn’t wielded as a powerful weapon of revolution.

Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) hopes to address this by providing a relevant and a well-structured curriculum for teaching Literature in Nigeria in a way that students are not only prepared to pass exams but to tackle life and its challenges, be self-aware and develop leadership traits.


  1. To digitise learning by providing appropriate teaching guides which will be accessible to teachers of Literature all over Nigeria
  2. To inspire a rise of innovative teachers who will spark up positive change in the hearts of students through reading and other literary activities

End Goal:

To reach the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal 4 of ensuring ‘inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ by:

  1. Producing students who are well adapted into their society
  2. Producing students who are self-aware and conscious enough to bring about positive change in Nigeria
  3. Producing students who are inquisitive, problem solving, independent and daring
  4. Producing students with empathy and great character